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    Role of Pastors

    Virginia Conference

    The John Pleasants Bible printed in 1814, now in the possession of the E. O. Young family, list the Circuit Riders during the last 10 years of Virginia Conference. They are as follows:

    1827- Bell and Goodman
    1828- Dye and Winbourn
    1829- Hooks
    1830- Speck and Weatherly
    1831- Compton and Holmes
    1832- Reid and Alford
    1833- Gregory and Anderson
    1834- Weatherly and Carr
    1835- Compton and Daubd
    1836- Pell and Grey
    1837- Odaub and Law
    1838- William E. Pell-Compton
    1839- Philip Anderson and Thomas R. Brame-Supernumerary

    The Reverend John Young, the local preacher, served during these pioneer years and while the Tar River Circuit , including Plank Chapel, was in the Virginia Conference. The personal diary of Rev. Young states that he preached 25 consecutive Christmas Day sermons at Plank Chapel. Thus the dates of Rev. Young's Christmas sermons would be from 1811 through 1836.(Source of information for above-Plank Chapel History by Mrs. T.L. Fuller and Mrs. J.S. Rowland)

    1836-1836 William Pell Supernumerary Thomas R. Brame
    1838-1839 Phillip Anderson " John Brame
    1839-1840 Joseph Goodman " Phillip W. Archer
    1840-1841 Daniel Culbreth "
    1841-1843 Robert Maynard "
    1843-1844 Sydney D. Bumpass " Rufus T. Heflin


    1844-1846 J.W. Lewis Supernumerary Rufus T. Heflin
    1846-1847 Alford Norman " J.M. Fulton
    1847-1848 Thomas S. Campbell " James S. Nickolson
    1848-1850 Archibald C. Allen " J.M. Sharp
    1850-1852 Numa F. Reid " P.H. Joyner
    1852-1857 No Conference records. Listed locally Cartex, J.H. Wheeler, Smoot and Schell
    1857-1858 William M. Jordan " Robert C. Maynard
    1858-1860 Joseph B. Martin " James Reid
    1860-1861 W.H. Barnes " Robert C. Maynard
    1861-1863 Thomas P. Ricard " Robert C. Maynard
    1863-1864 J.H. Wheeler " William Harris
    1864-1865 No Record
    1865-1866 J.H. Wheeler
    1866-1867 J.P. Simpson
    1867-1871 Paul J. Carraway
    1871-1874 H.H. Gibbons
    1874-1878 Richard S. Webb
    1878-1882 William H. Moore
    1882-1883 R.G. Barrett and J.P. Finlayson
    1883-1884 J.T. Gibbs
    1884-1888 J.J. Renn
    1888-1891 G.W. Fisher
    1891-1893 B.B. Culbreth
    1893-1895 F.B. McCall
    1895-1898 Kenneth D. Holmes


    1898-1900 B.C. Allred
    1900-1902 R.H. Broom
    1902-1906 Allison L. Ormond
    1906-1908 H.G. Stamey
    1908-1912 G.W. Starling
    1912-1914 C.R. Canipe
    1914-1918 J.A. Lee
    1918-1920 George B. Perry
    1920-1921 W.L. Loy
    1921-1923 W.J. Watson
    1923-1927 J.C. Williams
    1927-1929 K.F. Duvall
    1929-1933 R.E. Pittman
    1933-1937 B.O. Merritt

    [1939 merger reunited the North and South of the Methodist Episcopal Church which became the "Methodist Church"]

    1937-1939 J.A. Martin
    1939-1941 J.A. Martin
    1941-1943 E.D. Dodd
    1943-1947 R.G.L. Edwards
    1947-1951 N.P. Edens
    1951-1954 B.T. Hurley
    1954-1955 T.H. House
    1955-1959 Aaron G. Tyson
    1959-1961 Charles E. Owens
    1961-1966 R.J. Rudd

    [1968 a merger with the Evangelical United Brethren to become the "United Methodist Church"]

    1966-1970 Gordon E. Allen Jr.
    1970-1973 A.L. Reynolds
    1973-1975 C.L. Warren1975-1980 James A. Williams
    1980-1986 Henry Lee
    1986-1988 Mike Elliott
    1988-1992 Mike Weber
    1992-1997 Thomas Hollis
    1997-2002 William "Bud" Budzinski
    2002 through August 2003 Kris Meyer
    2003-September 1 through
    2003 -September 27 Berry Barbour-Interim
    2003-September 28 through June 20, 2010 Carol Dean
    2010 -June 27 Dr. Carolyn Roy

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